LNG Project Database

LNG Export Projects
The author has created an LNG Project Database that details key facts and data of approx. 90 LNG projects. This includes projects that are operational, under construction, under development and speculative projects. Included in the database are comments on the main markets, gas sources, pipeline lengths and Kerogen LNG Project Success Index scores (for select projects).  The database is updated regularly to keep all the information current.  The LNGProjects app designed to work on the iPhone but works well on the iPad as well. Please use the button below to download from iTunes.

Please use the button  to download from iTunes..

Excerpts from the LNG Project Database created and maintained by Vivek Chandra, Kerogen Consultants, are shown below. For full view of database contents, please download the LNGProjects app

The LNGProjects app snapshots