Kerogen Consultants has developed an easy to use and understand scoring system that is neutral, objective (as much as possible), quantitative, and adaptable – based on ~30 criteria grouped in four categories including:

  • Upstream: including criteria such as Ratio of 1P/3P reserves, NGL%, CO2 %, Access to reserves, distance to field.
  • Above Ground: including Host government support, Terrorist / violent activity, Native rights, Taxation stability, Political support, Government reputation, Labor productivity/availability, Environmental sensitivity
  • Technical: Technology Risk, Contractor Experience, Requirement of Infrastructure, and Engineering Stage
  • Company and Market: Operator and Partner experience, Type of offtaker, Buyer experience, Partner Alignment

The scores can be weighted according the audience priorities and the scores are converted to a level 100 scale. Scoring represents a particular ‘snapshot in time’ and as a project progresses, its score will change accordingly.
Kerogen Consultants introduced the concept at LNG World Conference in September 2012. The presentation, with audio track, can be viewed below,The 38 minute presentation includes scoring of all the future Australian LNG projects, plus some select international projects. Note that the scoring shown represents the projects as of September 2012, and is based on public information. Actual names of projects have not been shown due to commercial reasons.If you would like to receive a PDF version of the presentation, please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments / Suggestion welcome.