Vivek Chandra presentation on the Unconventional Gas - Can the US experience be repeated in other countries?

Vivek Chandra presentation on the Texas LNG project -August 2014

Vivek Chandra interview on ResourcesPNG TV show - June 2013

Natural Gas Dynamics - Online LNG and Natural Gas Course

Natural Gas Dynamics – First Module – Gas Basics (out of eight total modules)

Natural Gas Dynamics – Sixth Module – Gas Pricing (out of eight total modules)

ideo and Student Testimonials from Natural Gas & LNG Dynamics live course - 2012

Kerogen LNG Project Success Index - Presentation May 2013

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External Videos

LNG Process - From Plant to Plant – the LNG process by Woodside Energy

BBC video on LNG tankers

Fracking explanation – By CNN

Video supporting Fracking – from Frackanation : The Truth about Fracking

Video against Fracking