Kerogen Consultants

Kerogen Consultants is a boutique advisory firm providing creative and innovative solutions for global clients.

Areas of focus include:

  •     Gas commercialisation and pricing
  •     Gas and LNG marketing
  •     In-house gas industry training
  •     Farm-out / Farm-in advisory
  •     Acquisitions and Divestments
  •     Country / Regional entry strategy development
  •     Contract negotiations and review
  •     Joint Venture relations
  •     Economic modelling
  •     Country / Regional representation
  •     Expert witness and Dispute resolution services

By tapping into extensive networks and relationships, especially in the Australia / Asia Pacific region, Kerogen Consultants is able to provide full suite of services, including financial services, petroleum engineering and G&G, if required.


A current view of LNG markets 
Vivek Chandra, the author of this site, was recently interviewed by the Papua New Guinea TV station to give his views on global and regional LNG markets. Included in the discussion are impacts of US LNG exports, pricing trends, and future of long-term contracts. The full interview may be watched in the video below:

The Kerogen LNG Project Success Index is a neutral, analytic, and objective (as much as possible) way to rate the potential 'success' of future LNG projects. Using over 30 criteria, each project receives a score that may be a leading indicator whether the project, when completed and operational, will be 'successful' or 'not successful.' Since the concept was first presented over six months ago, it has shown to be a robust tool in identifying projects that have since shown weakness and cost / partner issues.
The KLPSI (TM) only scores projects that are proposed, pre-FID, or under-construction - not projects that are already operational.

The index is designed to be of greatest value to LNG buyers, traders, investors, regulators, and financial institutions. It may also be used by the project sponsor companies themselves - however, their views may be biased and thus not in agreement with this analytical analysis.

The KLPSI (TM) concept was developed by Vivek Chandra, Principal of Kerogen Consultants - an independent natural gas / LNG advisory group. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, full disclosure of KLPSI results, and custom options available.

The presentation shown here was recorded at the Melbourne CFA event on May 2013. Not all the scores are shown for commercial reasons. Please contact us to learn more about the index and how it may assist your business.

Kerogen Consultants has developed a scoring system to grade prospective and under-construction LNG projects around the world. This 38 minute presentation introduces the concept and rates Australian LNG project with select international projects.

For any further information, please contact Vivek Chandra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..