Online Gas Unit Converter

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Natural gas units can be confusing. To make conversions easier, has created an app for the iPhone/iPad and Android systems, as well as this online gas units converter below.

To use the online converter tool below, first select the appropriate energy content per cubic feet of gas and per barrel of oil. If you do not know the exact factors to use, the factors 1 million Btu = 1000 cf and 1 barrel of oil equivalent = 5,800 cf is a common approximation.

Next, select whether the units to be converted are volumes (cubic feet, meters, etc) or rates (cubic feet per day) or end products (volumes of GTL or LNG liquids or watts of electricity). The first calculator is for volumes, and the second calculator can be used for rates and end products.

Lastly, pick the input units ("Units In"), enter the input value, and then pick the desired output unit ("Unit Out"). Click on "Calculate" to make the conversion.
Enjoy !